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If your property is between 25-30 years old, you have a potential risk. Poor or worn-out wiring can have serious consequences.

Even if you’re renovating your property, it’s crucial to check if rewiring is needed to avoid risks from faulty wiresFaulty wires and appliances can cause injuries like electrocution and create fire hazards. 

Read on to learn more about quick and efficient house rewiring with our expert electricians, below.

Does Your House Need To Be Rewired?

unsafe house wiring

When a house needs rewiring, there are clear things to look out for. 

If a house is around 30 years old and still has its original wiring, it probably needs rewiring. This isn’t just for safety but also to meet today’s standards.

If you’re thinking of buying an older house, it’s crucial to have a licensed electrician check the wiring before you buy to ensure it’s safe.

Experts recommend checking the wiring every 10 years for owned houses and every 5 years for rented ones. If you’re expanding or changing your house, the new wiring must follow the latest safety rules.

Aside from making your home safer, rewiring can also make your life better. More switches and plugs can be added, allowing for more appliances like TVs, radios, and computers.

There are also some signs that your house might need rewiring. If circuit breakers often trip, it could mean there’s too much energy going to your appliances. Also, flickering or dimming lights might indicate a problem with the wiring, like damaged or exposed wires.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to call our skilled electricians to have your house rewiring done correctly.

Does your house need to be rewired?

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How long does it take to rewire a house?

kitchen lightingHow long it takes to rewire your home depends on its size and the work’s complexity, not just its dimensions. If you need many sockets or light switches, it might take more time. 

Sometimes, wiring in places like apartments can be trickier, making the process longer, especially if reaching ceilings is tough.

On average, a three-bedroom semi-detached house takes about 7-10 working days for rewiring.

But for a specific quote for your property, it’s best to contact us directly.

What is involved in a full rewire?

wall stripped back for rewireAs a customer, it’s crucial to know what happens during a complete house rewire because it involves changing not only wires but also sockets and cables.

A full house rewire has two main steps:

The first step, called the “First Fix” usually happens before walls get plastered. It’s best done when there’s no furniture or carpets around.

If you’re moving into a new place, it’s recommended to rewire before bringing in furniture to prevent future issues.

In the “First Fix,” a licensed electrician installs the actual wiring and back boxes for all sockets and switches in your home. Safety is a big concern, so it’s important to have a professional do this part.

The second step is the “Second Fix,” where the electrics are connected by fitting switches, sockets, and lights. A consumer unit, which you can learn more about on our Fuse Box Replacement Service page, also needs to be connected.

During a full house rewire, all old wiring is taken out and replaced with new wiring for safety. All sockets, including heat detectors, cooker points, and lighting, will be fixed or replaced.

Rewiring a house by yourself

Gareth rewiring a fusebox Even though it is possible to rewire your house on your own, we strongly suggest hiring a licensed and qualified electrician.

In any case, an electrician needs to check and verify the rewiring anyway.

Rewiring isn’t a task for beginners, and if it isn’t done properly, it can lead to serious problems like fires or electrocution.

This not only puts lives at risk but may also lead to insurance companies refusing to pay for damages if the wiring is done incorrectly by someone inexperienced.

While it’s not illegal to rewire your property, it is regulated by law under “Part P” of Building Regulations.

The council will check if the job is done correctly at different stages of the installation, and they charge for this service. It’s better to have a qualified electrician do the job to ensure safety and security throughout the process.

For more information on house rewiring, you can visit the official rewiring page of the electrical safety experts in the UK or find more info on the NICEIC website.

Does your house need rewired?

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What do i need to do before a rewiring can go ahead?

floor stripped for rewire

Rewiring your home can cause some disruption, so there are a few things to consider before your electrician starts. 

The new wiring goes in places like ceilings, under floors, and walls. To make it easier, you should clear all rooms of furniture and lift up carpets or flooring.

If you have a loft, it should be cleared too so the electrician can access the ceilings on the top floor. Ideally, you should provide an electrical plan, or you can order one from us.

When you book a rewiring with GB Electrical, we will clearly explain the work and what you need to do before we start. This helps avoid any unnecessary delays during your rewire.

Kitchen Rewiring

kitchen rewiring taking place

Sometimes, you might need to rewire a part of your home, not because it’s old or dangerous, but because you want more plug sockets or light switches for modern living. 

A good example is your kitchen – when you renovate your kitchen, you might need extra sockets for new appliances.

Modern kitchens have more than just basic appliances like fridges. You might want to add a wine fridge, coffee machine, or other devices like a dishwasher.

You might realise that there aren’t enough plug sockets for all your kitchen gadgets, like food processors, blenders, and even the toaster.

In these cases, you might need to rewire just the kitchen to get the functionality you want.

Our experienced electricians understand the needs of a modern kitchen. We’ll work with you to figure out what’s needed.

Whether it’s new downlights under kitchen units or sockets with USB ports, we’ll make sure your kitchen has the right electrical setup for modern living.

Does your house need a rewiring?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does rewiring a house increase its value?

Yes, updating electrical wiring increases your property’s value. Modern and functional wiring is crucial for new homeowners, so having your property properly rewired can boost its value.

How long does the wiring in a house actually last?

The life of the wiring depends on the insulation that the actual wires have, and this insulation can vary. Generally, if you fully rewire, it can last up to 30 years based on usage. If you’re unsure about your property’s wiring, it’s a good idea to have our licensed electricians check it.

Can rewiring a house help to save energy?

While rewiring itself doesn’t save energy, replacing old items like plug sockets and installing more efficient LED lighting during the process can help save energy.

Is rewiring necessary before selling a house?

To find out if you need to rewire, it’s best to get a periodic inspection by a qualified electrician. Outdated wiring may require rewiring to pass inspection. If the wiring is relatively new (1-5 years old), rewiring might not be necessary.

Is rewiring a house a messy process?

It depends on your property’s size and layout. For larger properties, floorboards might need to come up for a proper rewiring. That’s why we suggest rewiring before moving into a new place.

What other Electrical services do you provide?

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