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Interior Lighting

Whether you need just one light installed, a complete redo of all the lights and wiring in your home, or you have an urgent lighting issue, GB Electrical provides a complete electrician service for you.

From setting up traditional interior lighting to adding the newest smart technology to control your home’s lighting, our fully qualified, friendly electricians will help you install and maintain interior lighting solutions. These solutions are meant to make your home look good and save energy at the same time.

Light Fitting Installation

interior lighting room

Whether it’s a single light or a big chandelier, we are experts in safely, quickly, and effectively installing light fittings in your home or business.

While changing a light fitting can be simple in some cases, we can take away the stress and make sure your light is installed safely and efficiently.

Modern light fittings come in many types. You might want to install things like downlighters, special LED lighting, or even an antique fitting. In many cases, an electrician is needed to make sure it’s done correctly.

At GB Electrical, our experts will come to your home and have your lights working in no time. So, you can just relax and enjoy your new lights.

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Commercial Lighting

commercial lighting warehouseIf you own a business, good lighting can make your place look better for customers and create a nicer workspace for your employees.

It’s also important for saving energy and reducing costs. Whether you need to upgrade to LED lights or install new ones, GB Electrical has solutions for all your commercial lighting needs.

We can also give you advice on how to use energy more efficiently, so you can save money for other parts of your business.

Whether you need dim lighting for computers or special lighting for displays, we’ll guide you according to current standards and work at a time that suits you.

Our experts are trained to install and upkeep emergency lighting systems as per the BS 5266 standards.

Good lighting is important for warehouses to work well. At GB Electrical, we can help you choose the best lights for your warehouse. We’ll plan everything out before installing the lights, so you know what to expect. With our help, you can save energy and money with better lighting.

Interior lighting repair

Kitchen ElectricsIt’s common to face lighting issues in our homes. After checking the usual things like the bulb and your consumer unit, if the problem persists, it’s time to call our expert electricians.

Usually, if only one area of your home is affected, you might choose to wait until regular working hours to get it fixed. 

However, there are situations where you may need to call an emergency electrician, especially if there’s a total loss of lighting that could be dangerous for children or vulnerable people in your home, or if the building is used for business.

Lighting problems can have various causes, from issues with the light fixtures themselves to problems in the circuit that carries electricity around your home.

All our electricians are well-trained and qualified. Our goal is always to quickly identify the problem and find a solution. This helps get things back to normal as soon as possible and keeps costs as low as possible.

Kitchen Lighting Installation

kitchen lightingFor many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home—a place where the whole family can enjoy various activities. Whether it’s cooking, eating, relaxing, working, or spending time together, the kitchen plays a crucial role.

Homeowners are realizing the impact of installing different types of lighting in kitchens. This can transform the way the space is used.

For instance, task lighting can be used for cooking or washing up, dimmable lamps for creating a relaxed atmosphere, and accent lighting to highlight specific kitchen features.

At GB Electrical, we’ve assisted many customers in making their kitchens not only functional but also cosy and inviting with clever lighting installations.

Whether it’s adding LED lights under kitchen units or completely rewiring the kitchen, we can help you achieve the perfect atmosphere for your dream kitchen.

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Home LED lighting installation

home led lightingSwitching to LED lighting in your home can lead to significant savings on your energy bills.

Additionally, some LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, equivalent to having your lights on constantly for about 10 years, reducing the need for frequent bulb replacements.

LED light strips are versatile and can enhance the ambiance in various areas of your home. They can be installed under cupboards, on open shelving units, as downlights in kitchens, or even outdoors in your garden or on your balcony.

Contact GB Electrical today to discover how we can help you transform your home’s appearance and save money through LED lighting installations.

Installing dimmer switches in your home

dimmer switch installation

Dimmer switches give you the ability to adjust the brightness of your lights in a room. This means you can easily switch between lower, mood-setting lighting and brighter lights when needed.

Using dimmed lighting can also help you save energy because a dimmer switch uses less electricity than when the lights are at full power. This energy-saving feature can also extend the life of your light bulbs.

There are various dimmer switches available, and it’s important to note that, for LED lighting, you must choose the right type of bulbs. Not all LED lamps are dimmable, and some may be unreliable.

At GB Electrical, our top electricians specialise in installing dimmer switches for both LED and standard setups. They can guide you through the advantages and potential issues associated with each option.

What are the advantages of spotlights?

home spotlights

Spotlights are getting more popular in your homes. They provide great lighting, especially in places like kitchens and bathrooms.

You can customize spotlights by grouping them with specific switches. This way, you can control different areas of spotlights with different switches.

Adding a dimmer switch makes spotlights even more flexible for lighting up your rooms.

When an electrician installs spotlights, they might need to access the room above where the spotlights go. This could be an upper floor or the loft.

If you live in a flat without access to the floor above, extra work might be needed to run cables through additional holes.

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Is smart home lighting worth it?

smart wireless switches

More and more homeowners are using smart lighting to control their home lighting in innovative ways.

Smart lighting includes wireless switches, voice-activated lights, and bulbs that change colour with a voice command and sensors for automatic lighting. It’s transforming how we manage lights at home.

At GB Electrical, we can assist with installing and maintaining various smart lighting devices. Learn more about our smart home installation service.

Emergency Lighting Problems

emergency commercial lighting

It’s possible that you might face issues with the lights in your home or business. It could be a single light not working or a whole circuit of lights affected.

There are different reasons why your house or business lights might stop working suddenly, like a broken circuit, a faulty switch, or a wiring problem.

Sometimes, you might need quick help to fix your lighting, and that’s where our reliable emergency electricians can assist you.

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