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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights provide a beautiful, decorative touch that can completely transform any outdoor living space. 

They’re perfect for your backyard, especially if you have a deck or patio. When it gets dark, these lights make the outdoor space cosy and good for spending time with family or having a party. Not only do they make your place look better, but they also help keep it safe at night for everyone around.

Our electricians can install nice lights for your pool, deck, patio, garden, and any special parts of your property. Our team is made up of skilled and well-trained electricians who know all about landscape lighting. They can take care of installing, fixing, and maintaining everything, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Adding outdoor lighting to your garden

garden downlights

More and more, our gardens are like extra rooms in our homes. People want to make their gardens look amazing with smart lighting designs that really stand out.

Putting outdoor lights in your garden means you can enjoy it even after the sun goes down, especially on those nice summer nights.

With some clever designs, your Belfast garden can be a place you love to use no matter what time of year it is.

Garden design is always changing, and lots of people are now using cool ambient lighting in their gardens.

You can add LED coloured lights to things like planters or use spotlights to light up patios. There are many lighting options that can make your outdoor spaces feel special.

Putting lights on your garden walls can help you create different zones in your garden. This means you can use different parts of your garden for things like eating, having friends over, or just getting some work done as the daylight fades away.

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What about outdoor security lighting?

house security lightAt GB Electrical, our electricians can help set up different kinds of security lights for your home.

Having security lights at the front of your house is important. They can light up areas like your front porch, stairwell, or recessed spots. This helps you see any potential dangers and makes sure you can safely reach your front door without tripping or struggling to unlock it in the dark.

For the back of your house, you might want motion sensor lights. These will turn on if they detect movement in your garden. There are also systems that can detect body heat (PIR system), which reduces the chance of the sensor being triggered by animals.

We can also install security lights along with alarm systems to give your home an extra layer of safety.

Whether you need just one simple security light or a system to protect a large garden, our friendly and qualified electricians are here to help.

Outdoors Ambient and facade lighting

house with downlights

People are always finding new ways to design gardens, and many are now using cool ambient lighting. This includes adding LED coloured lights to planters or spotlight up lighters to patio areas. There are lots of lighting options available that can make your outdoor spaces feel special.

Putting wall lights in your garden lets you create different zones. This means you can use parts of your garden for dining, entertaining, or doing work when it’s getting dark.

Facade lighting can change how your home looks by adding lights to the outside.

Adding lights to your home not only makes it look good in the dark but also adds an extra layer of safety since the building is well-lit.

Features like spotlights, downlighters, up lighters, or smart LED lights can totally change how your property looks, turning a plain outside into something exciting.

If you’re thinking about adding lights to your home’s exterior, contact us to talk about how we can help you with smart outdoor lighting solutions.

How to make my garden look nice for entertaining?

outdoor garden downlightsIf you often use your garden for events like parties or BBQs, it’s a good idea to have permanent lighting instead of relying on temporary or battery-powered options.

After all, you don’t want the lights to suddenly go out and spoil the fun.

We can assist you in installing outdoor lighting that is both dependable and creates a nice atmosphere.

Whether it’s adding ambient touches like lighting up trees and plants or installing outdoor wall lamps and lamp posts for a stylish dinner party, our friendly and skilled electricians are here to help.

For outdoor entertaining, a lot of people are turning their garden sheds and summerhouses into extra rooms for various purposes like an office, a chill-out space for kids, or even a mini pub!

Installing electricity in an outbuilding lets you have an extra room without the cost of a big project like an extension or loft conversion. You can use everyday items like TVs, portable heaters, gaming consoles, and computers.

At GB Electrical, we can assist you in transforming your shed or summerhouse by adding reliable lighting and sockets. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Balcony and Driveway Lighting Installation

front door spotlights

Whether your outside area is a balcony, terrace, or roof garden, they can all be enhanced with clever lighting.

For small balconies, adding charming lamp fixtures or colourful LED lanterns can greatly improve the appearance and vibe of your outdoor space.

On larger terraces, using downlighters or spotlights on planters and benches creates atmosphere and helps you design an inviting and functional space.

No matter how big or small your driveway is, you might want to add extra lights to it. Wall markers can help with parking, and spotlights can make the driveway more appealing and highlight patterns in the paving.

Adding lights to your driveway can make your home look more attractive when seen from the road.

Outdoor Pathway Lights

outdoor pathway light

You should feel safe and secure when walking along your outdoor walkway. Landscape lighting can be both decorative and practical. 

It helps light up the path and stairs around your house, making it safer for your family and guests at night.

Exterior pathway lighting options include installing low-level light fixtures along a walkway for increased night-time safety and visibility. This not only enhances safety but also creates a pleasant atmosphere for a midnight stroll across a larger property. 

Placing lights strategically along the path can make your home look more inviting and improve its curb appeal. You can choose from path lights in various styles and colours to match your preferences.

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