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Our quality electricians have decades of experience in all areas of electrical services. We’re perfectionists when it comes to our work, no matter the size of the service you need.

Whether you need an emergency electrician or you need a project completed that demands top-electrical skills, GB Electrical provides a whole range of electrical services – from domestic services to commercial services.

No job is too big or too small for our proven team of Electricians near you.

Our most popular services

emergency electricians

When electrical issues strike unexpectedly, our dedicated team is at your service 24/7, ready to tackle urgent situations with efficiency and expertise.

From sudden outages to potential hazards, our licensed emergency electricians prioritise your safety and deliver prompt solutions.

With a commitment to responsiveness, we ensure that your electrical emergencies are swiftly addressed, restoring peace and power to your home or business.

full rewires

Improve your home’s electrical wiring with our Full Rewiring service. Our electricians carefully assess, replace, and upgrade your house’s wiring to make sure that it’s safe and works correctly.

Whether you need a full rewiring job or just want to fix specific areas, we customize our service to fit your needs.

Trust us for a smooth and effective rewiring experience. We use precision and modern methods to make your electrical systems safer and more reliable.

Fuse Box Replacement

Our licensed electricians specialise in upgrading outdated fuse boxes to modern consumer units, ensuring enhanced protection and functionality.

Experience peace of mind as we meticulously assess, replace, and optimise your electrical distribution system.

From safeguarding against potential hazards to meeting current regulations, our Fuse Box Replacement service is your key to a secure and efficient electrical infrastructure.

Our experienced team of quality electricians are here to provide a seamless upgrade that prioritises safety, reliability, and compliance with the latest standards.

Switches and sockets

Our skilled electricians make your switches and sockets both stylish and practical. We have a variety of good-quality options to fit everyone’s taste. 

Whether you like modern styles or want to save energy, we have something for you. We can make your home or workplace look better and work better with our trustworthy installation or upgrade services.

Our team of trustworthy electricians are here to improve your switches and sockets, providing you with a modern and easy electrical experience for your home or business.

Interior Lighting

Our skilled electricians bring a touch of brilliance to your home or business with carefully curated lighting solutions.

From stylish fixtures to energy-efficient LED installations, we tailor our Interior Lighting services to enhance both ambiance and functionality.

Let us transform your living or working environment, creating a well-lit atmosphere that complements your style.

Our proven team of skilled electricians provide expert guidance, precise installations, and a brighter, more inviting space that reflects your unique vision and lighting preferences.

Smart Home Installations

We integrate cutting-edge smart technologies into your home, providing convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced security. 

From intelligent lighting and thermostats to advanced home automation systems, we tailor our services to align with your lifestyle. 

Experience the future of smart living with our precise installations, ensuring seamless connectivity and control at your fingertips. 

Our quality electricians will transform your home into a sophisticated, interconnected haven, where innovation meets comfort. 

Outdoor Lighting

Our team of perfectionist electricians bring landscapes to life, combining functionality and aesthetics with carefully designed outdoor lighting solutions. 

Illuminate pathways, highlight architectural features, and create a welcoming ambiance for your outdoor spaces. 

From energy-efficient LED installations to durable fixtures, we customise our Outdoor Lighting services to suit your preferences and enhance the beauty of your surroundings. 

We’re here to transform your outdoor areas into captivating, well-lit spaces, blending safety, style, and functionality seamlessly.

Electrical Reports

Our expert electricians conduct thorough inspections, providing detailed assessments of your electrical systems. 

Whether for home, business, or regulatory purposes, our comprehensive reports outline the condition, potential issues, and adherence to legal safety standards. 

We’re all about offering transparency, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring compliance with regulations. 

You can trust in us for accurate and reliable Electrical Reports, empowering you with the information needed to make informed decisions about your electrical infrastructure – giving you some peace of mind.

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