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Smart Home Installation

Our homes are becoming more advanced. As we use various electronic devices, it’s a good idea to use smart home technology. This allows different systems in your home to communicate, making it easier to manage.

From controlling your heating while at work to keeping an eye on your home security during vacations, smart home solutions offer peace of mind and convenience.

At GB Electrical, we specialize in helping you set up your smart devices. We can assist with wiring, installing smart switches, thermostats, and other smart technologies. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about automating your home.

What smart home services do you offer?

smart cctv camera

More and more people are using smart home devices.

In simple terms, smart homes use internet-connected devices to control and check other things like your heating, lighting, or security systems.

At GB Electrical, our experienced electricians are experts when it comes to working with any smart device you can think of. Here are just a few of the smart home services that we offer:

  • Smart Heating and Water Thermostat 
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Doorbell
  • Smart CCTV
  • Smart Home Entertainment System
  • Smart Audio
  • Smart Curtain/Blind Devices

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Is a smart heating system worth it?

zoned smart heatingHave you ever returned home to a cold house because you arrived earlier than expected and the heating hadn’t started? Or stayed in bed longer to avoid getting up in the cold?

Well, with smart heating devices, that’s no longer a problem. Smart heating systems let you control your home’s heating using your phone, tablet, or voice-activated controllers.

These devices manage your thermostat and learn from your habits, like when you leave for work or go to bed, adjusting your heating accordingly.

You can also use smart heating thermostats to divide your home into zones, allowing different controls for various parts of your house.

Smart heating helps you save on running costs. You can remotely turn the heating on and off, giving you more control over when it’s active—no more accidentally leaving radiators on all day.

If you’re away for an extended period, like a holiday, you can rest easy knowing you can manage the heating to prevent issues like burst pipes in cold weather.

Electric smart water thermostat

smart water thermostatIn addition to controlling your heating, there are devices which will also allow you to control your hot water.

For example, if your home has an old water tank system you will know the inconvenience or realising that you have not turned on the supply and having to wait for it to heat up in order for you to have your morning shower, or enjoy a relaxing bath at the end of the day. 

Smart hot water devices, like heating thermostats, can allow you to control this remotely when out of the house, so you can step straight home and into a nice hot bath without waiting.

Using smart devices to control your hot water can also help you to save money on your gas or electric bills as you can choose when to turn on and off your hot water heating.

While traditional timers on boilers would have allowed you to set specific days and times, using a smart device means that you can control things from outside of the house, or in some instances, your system will even learn to understand your families patterns and adjust accordingly. 

Hive Smart Thermostat

smart hive thermostat
If you’re thinking about getting a new thermostat to replace your old one, the Hive thermostat is a top customer-favourite.

It’s easy to use and control, and it has a cool design with classic edges, giving it a nice traditional look.

This thermostat works with almost all heating systems, and you can control it using smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

If you have a hot water tank (conventional boiler), Hive Active Heating and Hot Water is a good choice. If you don’t have a hot water tank (combi boiler), Hive Active Heating is a good choice.

It comes with useful features like automatic frost protection to prevent pipes from freezing and a holiday mode. You can tell Hive your holiday dates, and it will automatically warm your home for your return.

At GB Electrical, we’ve installed countless smart thermostats for customers – with a lot of those being Hive thermostats. We’re experts when it comes to Hive thermostats, so feel free to ask us any questions if you have any questions about Hive thermostats or the installation process. 

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Is smart home lighting worth it?

smart wireless switches

Smart lighting is an exciting innovation for homes. These systems allow you to do things like dim the lights with your voice, change colours easily, and sync lighting with your music.

You can also connect smart lighting to devices like motion sensors or dimmer switches for features like automatic lighting when someone enters a room.

With different smart bulbs and systems, there are lots of possibilities. 

You can create lighting programs that match your commands, like dimming the lights for a movie or flashing them to signal someone at the door.

Smart lighting also enhances security. You can control lights when you’re away, making it seem like someone is home. This is more flexible than old systems with plug-in timers.

Smart doorbell installations

smart doorbell installation

If you get a Wi-Fi-enabled smart doorbell, we can set it up for you. It’s like having a doorbell that connects to your phone or tablet.

We’ll place the doorbell button outside your door, link it to your Wi-Fi, and sync it with your mobile device. With smart doorbells like Ring, you can see who’s at your door using your phone from anywhere in your home.

Some even let you talk to the person at the door through your phone, which can be handy for deliveries when you’re not around. Our service is all about bringing the convenience of smart technology to your doorstep.

Is a smart doorbell worth it?

smart doorbell camera app

  1. See Who’s at Your Door: You can use your phone to see who’s ringing your doorbell, even when you’re not at home.
  2. Talk to Visitors Anywhere: With a smart doorbell, you can chat with people at your door using your phone, whether you’re inside or far away.
  3. Know About Motion Near Your Door: Get alerts on your phone when someone approaches your door, adding an extra layer of security.
  4. Record What Happens: Some smart doorbells can record videos, so you can check what’s been happening at your doorstep.
  5. Feel Safer at Home: The visibility from a smart doorbell can discourage unwanted visitors, making your home feel safer.
  6. Connects with Other Smart Devices: You can make your doorbell work with other smart gadgets in your home, making things even easier.
  7. Keep an Eye on Deliveries: See when packages arrive, and even guide delivery folks on where to leave them, all through your phone.
  8. Let People In Remotely: Some smart doorbells can work with smart locks, letting you open the door for someone even if you’re not there in person.

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What other Electrical services do you do?

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