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Are your lights flickering a lot, or are your dimmer switches not working right? These signs mean your lights might need fixing or changing. Even though it might seem easy with just gloves and a screwdriver, it’s actually a complicated job. It’s often better to let a licensed electrician do it. 

Our electricians bring all the needed tools to give you the right switches and sockets service. For example, fixing dimmer switches needs reconnecting lots of wires. Only a verified electrician should do this to avoid safety problems like fires or electrocution.

Our top electricians can replace, fix, and install different types of lighting setups in your home. They can handle everything from regular light switches to complex dimmers, making sure your home’s lighting suits your preferences!

Sockets Replacement

new sockets installed

Plug sockets in your home can break or get damaged for many reasons. Usually placed low on the walls, they can wear out from regular use.

But if a socket is cracked or damaged, it’s dangerous and needs to be replaced quickly to keep you and your family safe.

Sometimes, your plug sockets might stop working for different reasons, like blockages or loose pins in the plug fitting. If this happens, the inside of the socket may be damaged and will need to be replaced.

If you notice a burning smell or see black marks around your sockets, contact an emergency electrician right away.

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Socket Repair

new outdoor sockets installedUsually, when sockets have a problem, it’s better to replace them than to fix them.

That’s because the inside parts of a socket don’t have replacement pieces, so a new socket is usually needed.

But sometimes, there are situations where sockets can be fixed. For example, if a socket is too loose or too tight for your plugs, it might be repairable. If there’s something blocking the socket, it could be removed.

When plug sockets don’t work at all, the issue is often not with the socket itself but with the wiring behind it. The wires might have moved or it could be a sign of a bigger problem.

Our expert electricians in are trained to figure out socket problems and fix them quickly. We aim to provide you with the most cost-effective and fast solution.

Installing new sockets in your home

floor socket installationAdding more sockets in your house can make it safer and more convenient. Nowadays, we have lots of devices like TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, and more.

Using extension plugs for these devices can be risky, overload your system, and create a messy look with tangled wires.

Installing extra sockets can solve these problems. They can be neatly put into the wall, giving your home a clean look. You can even have sockets with USB ports to avoid using chargers for phones and other devices.

In the kitchen, you might need more sockets because older homes were built when we had fewer kitchen gadgets. You might find yourself always unplugging things to make room for new appliances.

It’s simple for an electrician to add new electric sockets to your home. Our friendly experts will work with you to get the job done with as little trouble as possible.

Types of switches in the UK

different switch typesSingle-Pole Switch: This is the most common light switch in the UK. It controls one thing in your home. It’s easy to put in, replace, or fix.

3-way and 4-way Switches: Also common are 3-way and 4-way switches. They are a bit more complicated than Single-Pole switches and are used in bigger rooms or hallways.

The difference is that a 3-way switch controls one thing from two places, and a 4-way switch controls one thing from three places. That means it’s connected to more switches.

Dimmer Switch: The last switch is the dimmer switch, used to change how bright the lights are in a room. Dimmer switches have become more popular because they help create a calm or bright atmosphere.

Similar to a Single-Pole switch, you can buy a dimmer switch as a Single-Pole too. One big benefit of dimmer switches is that they are good for the environment because they save energy by controlling how much light is in a room.

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What Are Some common light switch problems?

wall switches installation

Flickering Lights: A common problem with light switches in the UK is lights flickering a lot at home. This could be because the switch isn’t connected well or the wiring is loose.

Sometimes, it happens because wires are touching the switch directly, so it’s important to have a space where you can put wires without anything touching them.

Loose or Damaged Wiring: Loose wiring happens when wires get too hot because they don’t have enough insulation. This often means rewiring is needed, and you can learn more about it in our Full Rewires service.

Circuit Breaker Tripping: A significant issue in the UK is the circuit breaker tripping or the fuse box burning out. This usually happens when there are too many appliances connected to one circuit, which is very dangerous and can cause fires.

Be careful about how many things you plug into a socket. If you put new lights with an old fuse box, it might blow because the lights use too much power.

How do you Replace a Dimmer Switch?

dimmer switch installation

Before doing any electrical work, always think about safety first. This means turning off the main power at the fuse box and isolating your chosen circuit by taking out the circuit fuse. Any products you replace or install must follow local Building Regulations.

One important thing to remember is to write down how the old switch was wired before disconnecting it, so you can wire the new switch the same way.

Step 1: Start by turning off the power supply at the mains and make sure there is no electricity.

Step 2: Take off the plate by unscrewing the screws and gently pull out the dimmer switch so you can see the wires.

Step 3: To disconnect the wires from the switch, use a screwdriver.

Step 4: Like with the old switch, connect the new dimmer switch to the old wires. Make sure the wire colours match.

Step 5: Gently pull the wires to make sure they are connected well. Loose wiring can cause problems with the dimmer switch and is not safe.

Step 6: Push the wires back into the wall and put the new dimmer switch on. To check if it works, turn the power supply back on and test how bright the room is. If it doesn’t work, check the wire connections again.

How do you replace a light switch?

light switch replacement

As previously mentioned, before doing any electrical work, always remember that safety is the most important thing.

Step 1: Turn off the circuit and make sure the power is off using a voltmeter.

Step 2: Draw a picture showing the number and colour of wires connected to each terminal. You’ll need to loosen the terminal screws and pull the wires from the terminals.

Step 3: Connect the wires to the right terminals and tighten the screws. You might need to pull the wires a bit to make sure they’re holding onto the cable wires. Check that each connection is tight and push the cable back into the mounting box.

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Can I replace light switches or dimmer switches myself?

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Even though you can try doing the job yourself, we strongly suggest getting a qualified electrician to replace your light or dimmer switches.

The rules about who can do electrical repairs at home are very strict. These rules, called Building Regulations, require the landlord or homeowner to make sure all electrical work is done safely and doesn’t pose any risks to people living in the property.

According to Part P of Building Regulations, you can fix a light or dimmer switch, but you need to have a certain level of skill.

If it’s done wrong, there’s a risk of fire or getting shocked, which can be very dangerous for you and your property.

A licensed electrician will have all the right tools to do the job correctly. If you try to replace a light or dimmer switch yourself, someone will probably need to check if it’s been done properly. So, it’s a better idea to hire an electrician in the first place.

How do you install smart Wireless light switches?

smart wireless switches

More and more homeowners want to add smart lighting to their homes. Smart wireless lighting can be controlled using receivers or even devices like your tablet, phone, Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

While you can install smart wireless light switches yourself, it might be safer to have a qualified electrician do it for you, for your peace of mind and safety. 

Some smart switches might not work with older circuits, and in these cases, a dimmer switch could be a good alternative. It lets you control the brightness in a room and create a nice atmosphere.

If you have an older circuit and want more home automation, you might think about rewiring some parts of your home.

At GB Electrical, our electricians know a lot about smart home electricals and can help you set up your home automation so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new smart lighting.

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